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I wear many hats; all of them are fun to wear. I sing, and play keyboards and bass. I make videos, and do audio and video editing and VFX work. If you'd like to see more of what I do for fun, visit my YouTube channel.

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CountryTawk - Home of The Sangin' Cowboys
Notebook Entertainment - Home of the FML Series
Mediocre Films - Greg Benson, a guy that likes to have fun
Blame Society Films - Home of Chad Vader and more
Theme Park Radio

The Webmaster's Story

(Or, why is this page here?)

This is the story of how I first met Michael, the influence he had on me personally, and how I reconnected with him years later. For general questions about Michael and related things, you should probably check the FAQ page. 

In 1976 I took my first trip to Walt Disney World in Florida. The first day we were there, we passed by the Tomorrowland Terrace restaurant and heard some really interesting sounds.We went inside and had to hunt for a seat, because the entire stage level area was filled with people watching this fellow playing some sort of musical contraption. We stayed for the rest of the show and enjoyed it so much we planned the rest of our WDW visit around his show schedule so we could hear him play as much as possible.

That was the day I became a Michael Iceberg fan.

​I made frequent trips back to WDW after that, and always went to Tomorrowland first to see if Michael was playing. I was one of the first people to get Michael's "Iceberg Does It Live" album in the mail when it became available. When I graduated from high school, my first "real" job was at Walt Disney World, in the Transportation department. I spent a LOT of my free time in the park enjoying Michael's shows.

​Michael and I became friends, and we kept in touch even after we both left Disney and moved on. When Michael began touring I was able to see him in one of his college shows at Stetson University and we traded a few letters and phone calls in the years to follow.As time passed we lost touch, but one day I was pleased to find a Michael Iceberg website, and sent an email to the webmaster. Shortly after, I got a response from Michael himself, and yes, he remembered me (even though it had been over a decade since we last spoke).We traded a few more emails through the website but one day I found that the website was down and never came back up.

​I thought the worst. I tried a few searches but all led to dead ends. Years later, in 2010 I found a Facebook group that had been started by a fellow Iceberg fan. Everyone in the group was wondering what happened to Michael, and I spearheaded a team effort to find out.

​After lots of searches, emails, phone calls, and pretty much harassing anyone who'd listen for months, one day I sent an email to someone I hoped had info on how to contact Michael.It was pretty much the same email I had been sending for months to people over and over again, "Hello, I knew Michael way back when and lost touch with him. If he is well and would like to get back in touch, please let him know about me, etc" and hoped for the best.This time I got a response: "I will forward your email to Michael.""HE'S ALIVE!" I thought. That was a start.

​A few days later, I got an email from Michael himself, and we traded a few more over the next few weeks. That led to conversations on Skype and by telephone.I didn't want to overwhelm him with too much at once, as I figured he was enjoying his privacy after being a public person for so long, but I did let him know that he still had a very loyal following and that we had been searching for him. That led to the start of a new Facebook group, authorized by Michael himself, and that in turn led to the creation of this site.

​Michael Iceberg has had a tremendous influence on me, as a performer, a musician, and a person.

​I credit him with one of my career choices, that of choral director, where I served one church for 14 years and another for 5, and at the first church I was even able to contribute occasionally as a substitute organist. I also enjoy playing keyboards publicly whenever I have the chance, and it was Michael who encouraged me to take chances and follow dreams.

​I'm very happy that Michael has allowed me to make this site as a way for his friends and fans to connect and share stories, and to let Michael know how much he has touched all of us.

Thank you, my friend. It's been a wonderful ride.

February 2012

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December 2014: In a set of videos I got from Michael, I found this message. I didn't ask for it, and it was a most excellent Christmas gift. He asked that I make it a part of the website.

Michael Iceberg Music

In reply, I say:
Michael, I am humbled and proud to be friends with such an amazing person. You have inspired me and lifted my spirits too many times to count, and I am honored and privileged to be the conduit for you for all of your friends and fans by running this website.
I hope I am able to do it for many years to come.
Thank you, My Friend.
​Charley, 2014

​​The Official Site Of Michael Iceberg And His Amazing Iceberg Machine

Michael and I in 1980, Tomorrowland Terrace