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Craig Reid  January 3, 2017 
Hi Michael! I first saw you several times in the mid-late '70s at WDW. I was so impressed by you and your "iceberg" machine. I have always loved your music and your humor.

Ron & Jo Santulli  October 30, 2016 
Michael--You've given us so many treasured memories thru the years. You are a special "spirit"!
Love you so much, Ron & JoAnn Santulli

Robert Watson  January 10, 2016 
Hi Michael and Charley, Thank you for this website which has allowed me to reflect back to my high school years at Disney World. Michael, I would watch you play any chance I could. My parents asked me what I wanted for my graduation gift I asked for a synthesizer (ARP Odessey). The first song I taught myself to play was the Baroque Hoedown. You were and still are an inspiration to me today. Charley, thank you for keeping the dream alive. Blessings to you both!
Paul "Snowball" King  May 12, 2014 
Still enjoy your music. Long live "Pigs in A." If you're ever in Indiana be sure to stop in Upland it would be great to sit and chat. Would love to hear about your trip to Israel. I had the privilege of biking Israel on two occasions during my years at Wheels. I'll have to go through my pictures and see what I can find from the early Disney years. I may even have a picture of Benny in there somewhere. Take care, Snowball​
Craig B. Caldwell  May 8, 2014 
You played Harding University while I was a student there, in the early to mid 1980's. Great show! I own three of your earliest CDs.​
Steve Manganello  May 5, 2014 
Bumped into this today and was thrilled to be reminded of you. Fun times in and under Disney World, driving your bus and putting Tom Tater up with a wood burning stove to warm his backside on a snowy night in Upland Indiana. I think about Benny sometimes when i hear a watch beep. God bless you dear old friend. Glad you have hung up the 52 Longs!​
Buddy Martin  April 27, 2014 
Michael, I realized today that I had missed your birthday and wanted to be included with everyone else. Thank you for all the wonder and happiness you have brought to the world. I hope your birthday is truly a happy day. We really think we owe it to you. Happy Birthday!​
Kevin Richard April 27, 2014 
Happy Belated Birthday Michael, I hope you had a great day celebrating. 
Bob Hodges April 26, 2014 
May you have had the happiest of birthdays!
Rita Kay April 26, 2014 
Happy Birthday Michael. I have loved you and your music for most of my life. Life Long and Prosper!!!!!! 
Fred and Sue April 26, 2014 
Hi Ho, and Happy Birthday!

Jeff Hickman                   March 10th, 2012

Michael, you have touched a lot of people with your musical talent and humor. More than you may know.

Colby                              March 8th, 2012

I met you at Grove City College in the early 80s. 1981?? You had an afternoon demo/seminar and evening concert. I think I asked so many questions at the seminar it was in danger of becoming a private conversation :-) I think we spoke once in the 90s about a possible corporate event that ended up not happening. The experience stuck with me all these years later. I am happy to find you on Facebook and on here. I will stay tuned.

Lisa McBrian                 March 9th, 2012

In 1978 my parents and I went to Florida to visit family and ended up at Disneyworld at the recording of the 1978 album. I was 8 years old. I remember mostly that the music was LOUD and I remember the lights on the front of the machine. My dad spoke with Michael after the show and my dad gave Michael our address so that Michael could send him a copy of the album when it was released. That album has been enjoyed many many times in our home. I sent for a copy of the CD a few years ago. My husband just doesn't get it... he isn't nearly as entertained by the show as I am. Guess he just hadda be there. Thanks for the memories, Michael. God Bless you.

Misty Schnick              March 10th, 2012 

Coincidentally we moved to Kissimmee Fl that same summer you started at Disneyworld. My children were of the age for working at Disney and we were privileged to take advantage of 'passes' to the kingdom. I always thouroughly enjoyed your unique and genius performances. I have always enjoyed particularly the Electric light parade music for which I still have a record that we purchased. Knowing what you did in those days with things that would be considered prehistoric dinosaurs today, I can hardly imagine what you might have done with todays technologies. Michael it was true genius to have created the "Iceberg Machine". So unique and so very entertaining. You have been missed. Good to hear that you are still alive and well. Hope to hear more on the webpage about you and what you are doing now. Love your music.

Mark Sharp                   March 5th, 2012 

Hello Michael, I met you at one of your performances at Harding University back in the 80's. To this day I can still remember how hauntingly beautiful the Alma Mater sounded when you played it on your wonderful Iceberg Machine. Peace, long life to you and dream well. 

Frank Stickle                  March 6th, 2012

Michael, Thank you for all the great performances and for the hours of recorded music you have shared. I never get tired of listening and I'm still amazed.

Nick Harper                  March 6th, 2012

Michael I first heard and saw you at the Sun 'n Fun Fly-In @ Lakeland, FL. I really enjoyed your show and being able to come up and talk with you afterwards and seeing the "iceberg machine" up close. I think I brought about a dozen or so people to your performance the next couple of nights. My favorite song over the years continues to be "Little Piggie Hoedown." 

Mark Sobelson             March 6th, 2012

Hey Michael - You will have to shake your memory for this one - I lived in my van with my dog reefer in Aspen way back in the early 70's. Hung out with you on occasion while you were in town playing shows, including your stint with Jimmy Griffin (remember James, the tall bearded crazy guy..?).

Rusty S.                        March 5th, 2012

Hi Michael ... hope you are well ... I had a cassette tape that I "stole" from my grandmother titled Michael Iceberg and the Amazing Iceberg Machine -- in Concert for IBM ... to this day it remains as the ONLY tape that I completely wore out! You are an incredible talent and it's been great revisiting your music on YouTube. Best wishes to you, sir!

Kim Prowant             March 4th, 2012

Thanks Charley and Michael for all your hard work collaborating on this site. Thanks Charley for getting it on-line. I always saw his show at Disney when we visited! Continued success and good health to you both!

Charlie Kersey           March 4th, 2012

Hi Ho, Michael! : ) I'm so glad Charley the Webmaster got the group together on Facebook and we've gotten in contact with you. Your shows at Disney were always my favorite part of a visit and it was a complete JOY to be able to hear more of your music through the CDs. Blessings to you and your family!

Fred Preston              March 4th, 2012

I grew up in Orlando, FL. One night my parents came back from visiting Disney World with a record album for me, Iceberg Does It Live. As far as I knew, it was a one time appearance there or else I would have found a way to go see his show. At the time, all of my spare funds went toward college expenses. This album was by far my all time favorite. I can't say how good it is that Michael was found, but I sure hate the fact I never saw him perform. Michael, please let us know if you ever get to thinking about a fan performance (formal or informal).

Jeff Hickman             March 3rd, 2012

Michael - you're the best! I can remember your concert at the university of Wisconsin in Madison back in the early 80's as if I was there today! It's still with me! Thanks for the memories!

Jeff Hickman             March 3rd, 2012

Thanks for music Michael! It's great!

Larry Smith              March 3rd, 2012

When I was a child, we always made sure to stop by Tomorrowland Terrace to see Michael Iceberg and enjoy the show. I still have my album of Iceberg Does It Live! and my autographed copy of the lyrics to Fanfare. Thanks for getting this website together, and thank you to Michael Iceberg for all the wonderful memories and fun music!

Dennis                      March 3rd, 2012

Every time we came to Disney World we made sure to catch a couple of your shows. Then we saw your show at MTSU where I got a copy of your album ( yes not a CD). Just played it today which prompted me to do a search and found this page. We always loved your show. Lot of good memories

kevin miller              March 3rd, 2012

I could not afford an album as a kid but I carried a tape recorder through disney world the whole day to record you. I still have the whole show from 1981. I since converted it to CD. We so loved you and your show. The recordings helped us to never forget.

Ron Schneider        March 3rd, 2012

Michael, your showmanship, talent and humor have long been an inspiration in my own career. So glad to hear you're still at it and sharing your talent with the world. God bless you!

Daniel Hermany Jr   March 3rd, 2012

As the greats have used in the past! Thanks for the memories!

Robert G                  March 3rd, 2012

Always planned a stop in the terrace to catch the show. Sometimes the last one of the day.

Ron Smith                 March 3rd, 2012

Thanks for all the wonderful music and memories!

Eli                              March 3rd, 2012

Really cool knowing that people with such talent continue to prosper. My parent's purchased an upright piano for me in the 80s after I saw the Halloween special (83 or 84). I took a few years of lessons, but it never really sunk in). The piano still sits in my parent's Florida room. ;-) Thank you for making this site.

Charley                      March 3rd, 2012

Michael, thanks for everything. :)

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Bryan Wardman  October 15, 2016 
It was 1977 when me and my family heard Michael in Disneyland, Florida. Have treasured his music making ever since. Thank you Michael for all the music you give us.

Greg  December 28, 2015 
After all these years (40+) I still have wonderful memories of you playing at WDW. You were wonderful then, as you are now. 
Scott  December 23, 2015 
​I saw Mr. Iceberg in the late 70's after moving to Florida at the age of 9 and visiting Disney World with the family. I will never forget his crazy show and wonderful music. Thank you for being a wonderful part of my childhood that I will never forget!
Tom Young (Peters)  November 20, 2015 
Hi Mike! My dad was Bob Peters (from Aspen). I still have the reel-to-reel tape you made from The Leather Jug in Snowmass with your homemade wrapping paper with your picture on it. That music is part of my most cherished memories of all time - the medleys of Moody Blues, Fiddler on the Roof, and my favorite Wizard of Oz... I can't put in words how much you have meant to my dad and I for the last 40 years or so. I still play that music on tape to this day! Of course I also play your more current cds, but the Leather Jug and Holiday Inn days in Aspen truly remain among my life's favorite memories.!!
Dr. Jerome M. Barnes  February 4, 2015 

Harding University

Enjoyed finding your web site and your posts on u tube and facebook. Glad you are still playing. jmb

Jon Robold  January 21, 2015 

Michael, I am the one that asked why you stopped performing and added that you are sorely missed. I saw you perform so many times, I just wish that I were working there with you. But, I was in my 20s and really didn't know what I wanted to do. Now, I am 54 and working at Walt Disney World. I do miss watching you and hearing you, Jon

Sabrina K. Cannell  January 21, 2015 

Thanks for all the years of music. I gain much strength from playing my Alesis QS8.0 when I'm down. Michael has inspired me to write my own original music & post it online. The gift of his music has blessed me richly. Seen him in Florida many times. Blessings on you & yours, Sabrina

Don Mills  January 10, 2015 

I interviewed you at the college radio station at Ferris State College in Big Rapids, Michigan. I also tried to get your bus repaired at our Diesel Mechanics program, to no avail! I remember showing you a home built synthesizer I was using for special effects on radio promos, and you were quite kind to act impressed! Then you invited me to dinner with your wife and crew. Pretty cool riding to dinner in a tour bus!! Hard to believe it was over 34 years ago! That will always be a wonderful memory of my college days. Glad you are doing well, and thanks for this forum to communicate with you.

Carolyn Cassells  October 4, 2014 

Hello! I remember seeing your show at the CNE in Toronto in 1985. My mother had just emigrated from England and my husband and I took her to the show. We had no idea what the show was when we went in the theatre, and were fascinated to see your pyramid on the stage, and loved the music. When the pyramid opened we were amazed! I still have the tape of your show we bought that day, and always remember my mother (now deceased) when I listen to it. Thanks for the memories!

T. S. O'Byrne  September 24, 2014 

I would drag my family back to see you play at the Coke Pavilion at least 2 or 3 times a day back in '79. I couldn't get enough of your show. You are the reason I play to this day. I was elated that you came down from your Machine and took pics with us one year. I still have and play your album from that time. Still the best!

Frank Jones  September 15, 2014 

Hey, Michael. My family lived in Florida and visited DW at least once a year. We ALWAYS saw you in the Tomorrow Land Terrace. My biggest memory, though, is seeing you at our "Key Club Convention" my senior year of High School in 1979. That's when I bought your album and you signed it, "hi Ho, Michael". I listened to your music today as I ran my seven mile run. You are an inspiration, and I continue to love your music. All the best, Frank Jones

Pat Peters  September 11, 2014 

Hi ho! Here's hoping you and your lovely wife are having one fantastic day after another. Thank you for bringing so many rainbows into the lives of all your fans. I last posted here on the final day of 2013, but had to add an update with a thank you. I'll be playing one of your "Fanfare" videos for my wife, on our 12th anniversary, in five days. We never had a "real" wedding, and always talked about a formal ceremony to renew our vows. I hope we can play Fanfare on that occasion. It's the most perfect love song I've ever heard. Best wishes to, the Mrs, and your family, as well as "Admin Charley" and "Cameraman Eddie."  :)

M W Messinger   June 8th, 2012
Just wanted to give you my story and thank you. It was the early 80's and I took spring break with my family. I was very interested in electronic music. When I went to your show at Disney EPCOT, I was just blown away! I saw just about every show you did for the 3 days we were there. In fact you even noticed me after I had sat through 3 shows and took a few minutes to show me your set up. That really meant a lot to me. Like others I have held a strong interest in keyboards and electronic music, I have a small studio where can go 'Iceberg' from time to time! So again thank you Michael!
James Roth   May 17th, 2012
Michael, I know you get a lot of fan mail. But I really hope you read this.. I grew up with only a little magnus reed organ little tiny thing in my room. Never really had piano lessons but I played on that little organ every day. When I was about 11 or 12 dont really remember how old. You played a show in Hillsboro Missouri at Jefferson Country College. I remember going in and seeing that big pyramid in the middle of the room and when you burst out of it and the mirror came up. I was so over whelmed with excitement. I cried listening to you play. You see music has been the only solace I had growing up. I didn't fit in with the other kids and I didnt always listen to all the regular music. Your music stuck to me like glue. My parents bought the tape of your show and I listened to it every day for years. I still get it out and I can tell you. I can almost recite word for word the entire show even now that I am 41 years old. I now own my own little iceberg machine at home. 14 synths and growing. Oh how I wish I could play like you. I write music, not main stream. I like to use sounds like you used. I always feel like a big kid when I am sitting in my studio writing and playing. You have touched my life in so many ways I cant even tell you.. I never met you personally but you have shaped my life more then you will ever know. I am very greatfull to have had you as a musical friend my whole life. you have been a true gift to me growing up when I needed to laugh. Little piggy hoedown worked.. and when I needed a good cry. I would listen to you sing. "Dont look now but love is at my door step". It always gave me hope to move forward in my life. Thank you Thank you Thank you for the music, the joy, the INSPIRATION, the hope and the reason to write my own music. I wish I could meet you one day. Would love to play music in Old Snowmass Colorado with you someday! James Roth 
Mark Cain   March 23rd, 2012
My CDs arrived today! It's gonna be an ICEBERG weekend! Thanks!
Barbra Johnson   March 29th, 2012
Gosh Michael...I feel old! I enjoyed you and your music soooo much when you performed at El Torito in Toluca Lake & Redondo Beach, Ca. I still love the Moody Blues and can still hear you playing inside my head. I enjoyed your facial expressions and sense of humor while playing. You made the evening magical as I'm sure you did at Disney and every place you played. Count me and my husband in to schlep the "iceberg machine" if you put the "band back together". In fact, if you would enjoy doing a benefit concert to raise money for a Nampa, ID cancer house for patients who can't afford a place to stay while undergoing treatment away from home, I will fill the Idaho Center (Rolling Stones & Neil Diamond played there). What a treat that would be!!! For now I send my best wishes to you and your family. So happy to hear you are alive and well! Loved you then and now...Barbra

Melinda Hollis                March 6th, 2012

Hi Michael. I got to see you when you came to Harding University in Searcy, Arkansas. You actually came twice, I think. I was a young kid then, and I got to come see the pre-show with my dad. I've always loved your music. Thanks for putting up with us crazy fans all these years. Sincerely, Melinda Hollis

Cathy Marconi               March 7th, 2012

I saw your show at Disney World around 1977. I was a freshman in high school. I remember this being one of the highlights of my trip. You were nice enough to take a picture with me. Loved your song "Fanfare" and it stuck in my head all these years. Was happy to actually hear you sing it again in a video on Youtube. 

Michael                     March 4th, 2012

So many great memories for a 70's Disney World kid! Thanks Michael!

Randy                         March 5th, 2012

Always loved your shows in Tomorrowland Terrace! Little Piggy Hoedown rocks!

Terri Schneider            March 5th, 2012 

I grew up in Winter Park and was a frequent visitor in the Magic KIngdom. My brother, sister, and I, along with our parents, all had different musical tastes. However, the one thing we all agreed on was seeing your show at Tomorrowland Terrace, If we argued, it was about staying for the next show or going on another ride. You gave us a moment to remember and enjoy as a family. Both Mom and Daddy are gone now, and the memories I have are even more precious now. Thank you for your time in the 70' means the world to me now. I wish you peace, love, and many blessings ahead.
Jim Carter  February 22, 2016 
You and I met back in 1976. I was in the "Kids Of The Kingdom" and you were performing in Tomorrowland. I have always wanted to thank you. I was a piano player for years but my interest in electronic music truly started when I watched your shows! You are one of my fond memories of my time at Disney!
Connie Kwiecien  February 15, 2016 
​This is a message from my husband Sam who worked at Disney World Tomorrowland Terrace the time you were there about 1978 or 1979. He helped with getting the stage to go up.
Neal  April 21, 2016 
I was working late tonight with fanfare in my head and heart. I used to work for Wandering Wheels and enjoyed many shows. Fanfare is a song that touched my soul. It brought me joy tonight as I was serving a school full of poor children and families. That you Michael for this gift.
Sandra Callari  August 16, 2016 
I am so excited. I received my Iceberg Does It Live CD yesterday. What memories it brings back. We saw Michael at Disney World in 1979 with my then 4 year old daughter. She is now 41 and remembers seeing him then. I bought 2 cassette tapes at the show, which I still have. To find the cd made me very happy. We just went to Disneyland for the first time at the end of July. While watching the Electrical Parade, I began having memories of Michael Iceberg. I came home and googled him and was happy to find that there was a site dedicated to Michael. Thanks again for still producing the music and still offering it for sale. I will enjoy my cd very much.
Jon Robold   June 22nd, 2012
I remember seeing Michael at Walt Disney World many times in the 80s, My family would go to the Magic Kingdom and I would stay in the Tomorrowland Terrace all day and just sit and listen and watch Michael. He was unbelievable. I wish he were still here playing! Thanks Michael. Jon
Roger Varland   June 30th, 2012
Great to stumble across your page after so many years. I was part of the Wheels crew that used to camp out in Tomorrowland for multiple concerts. (Snowball, Manganellos, etc.) Your music is still a rush for me. All the best!

Maggie Orzechowski   July 12th, 2012
Dearest Michael, How wonderful to find you after all of these years. I first saw you back in 1977-78 through 1980. Those were the best years of my life. You were so great and you made such an impact on my life. I am so happy to see you are still around and doing well. Back in the days of the "Iceberg Machine", I wanted so much to go up to you to let you know just how wonderful I thought you were but I was too scared. I never was able to get any of your recordings. Now, I too have retired from the music business. I became a singer in the '80's and had a great time. But I am disabled now and can't even leave my own home. So finding you here, has really meant a lot to me. I look forward to seeing more of you and hearing about you. God Bless you and all that you do. You are still the best in my eyes!!! Humbly yours, Maggie Orzechowski

Ken Albin   July 16th, 2012
I just watched the last "Ask Michael" and greatly enjoyed it. Keep them coming! Thanks, Charley, for your efforts here. Michael, I really wish you would think about making a new CD using your computer for recording. I would love to hear a medley of original tunes as well as some of the psychedelic synth rock you did so well. Consider it! It would be a fun project and your fans would love it. 

ED MEYERS , PA   August 3rd, 2012

Fred Preston   August 16th, 2012
Hi Michael, I just watched your last 2 video segments and am just amazed how things worked out. I believe I said elsewhere on the site that your music truly inspired me and still does to this day. I never got to see you perform and I really regret that. My parents saw your show at the Tomorrowland Terrace and brought me home your "Does It Live" LP. That was my prized record above all else, and it was played "often". It made even my homebrew sound system sound fantastic. I was disappointed that I wasn't with my parents to see the show, and thought it was a one time event. Most of my money had to go toward paying for college anyway. I wish I could say I followed in your footsteps, but alas, I can barely play piano at all. It is still a great facination for me though. Keep the music and stories coming.

Jerry Halasz   August 23rd, 2012
Hi Michael...hope you remember me from WJOL in Joliet where I was an announcer. We used to do remote shows from your piano & organ store. You are the best...regards from me and my wife--same one--Maxine. Jerry Halasz

Aurelio Alcazar   August 31st, 2012
If the robots ever actually revolt, I implore them to spare Michael Iceberg, he is one of the premier pioneers of man-machine interface. Michael is an ambassador who introduced the dawning era of electronic music. During the earliest days of samplers, Michael baptised audiences into the techno-musical revolution. Many innocent Disneyworld guests lost their synthesizer virginity to Michael. Audience members report that his concerts were one of the most memorable moments of their lives, that he provided profound musical inspiration. Few performers leave such a strong and lasting impression upon their guests. Audiences left his performances on a musical contact high. Michael took listeners on a brief time warp into the future, filling them with wonder and hope. What made his shows so magical? Was it the mountain of technology? No, it was the humanity and emotions he expressed while using it. Michael's improvisational arrangements seem designed to please himself as much as his audience. Was he a perfectionist? Not in a technical sense, he was too busy having fun, pushing boundaries, and experimenting artistically. Each mistake revealed there was flesh and blood inside that electronic contraption. Perfection would have made the show sterile and mechanical. Instead each glitch made the performance a celebration of humanity over robots. Michael proved "to err is human," and to feel is human. All hail the imperfection which is Michael Iceberg!!

Chris Love   September 5th, 2012
I am so glad I found this site and the Facebook Page. Mr. Iceberg is the best. A great musician and a wonderful person. I seriously doubt I will be remembered like Charlie; but, I use to attended every show I could of Michael's while I worked at Disney from 1976 thru late 1978. Often my attendance was by being break in the tunnels, where I always received a smile and kind greeting. Even once in the parking lot of a local grocery where I saw him on my way to collage. I loved his show and "Fanfare" has stuck with me to this day. When I left Disney to pursue my career in EMS my mother, Liz Love, (a prep-chef at Disney ) kept me informed of his shows. She tried many times to get me a copy of his show and music before her unexpected passing. Now that I have found the site I will be ordering soon, autographed of course. Mr. Iceberg also had a big influence in the course of the "Love" family genealogy because I named my son Michael. "Fanfare" is so beautiful and shows such hope and love in a child / parent relationship how could I not be influenced :-). Thank you so much for all you have done. Truly special memories.

Rich Whitt   September 15th, 2012
I was there to introduce you 100s of times, until they had Jack Wagner record it. I took a stab at writing the book for your rock opera. I was there to see Bob Moog literally crawl across the TLT floor to get a better look at you. I saw you almost be electrocuted by that stupid lighted collar they made you wear...I hope you are well my friend.

​Bill Holland October 23rd, 2012
Michael: Judging by other postings, I may well qualify as one of your earliest fans. Try El Torito in Toluca Lake, California in 1970, followed by stints in Encino and Marina del Rey. I enjoyed your amazing repertoire and some of your own compositions ("Wendy," etc.). Now I've got to figure out which CDs to get that will bring back fond memories. P.S. I also caught your performance at Bandimere Speedway in Colorado. The "machine" had certainly evolved from those early days.

Mark Brifman November 3rd, 2012
There is absolutely no reason you would remember me, but I remember you well - from the Nut Tree in '69 and '70s. I often wondered if you kept at it (although I was pretty sure you had done so since you loved it so much). Wonderful memories of a time gone by. Thank you for your music. Thank you for the good times and the memories.

Mark Geoff Sykes   November 19th, 2012
Michael! Met you at El Torito in Burbank. Jerry Yester took me there saying "You gotta see this!" I built a PA system for you and then traveled with you and your crew to Aspen and Vail to set it up. You ate nothing but turkey legs. Never got to see you at Dizzyland but have wonderfully surreal memories of your presence and performances from before then. It is really quite a loss in that digital technology took away the magic that you so joyfully created. So glad to fine that you are still displaying that Wonderful smile.

Dave Crawley   November 22nd, 2012
How fun. Toluca lake El torito in 72? King harbor el toito, everywhere you played because they would serve us liquor. Great times. Especially between sets out in the back. (if you know what I mean...). Hope all is well. Will come see you if you are still working. My friend named his daughter, Ivy, after that song. Now I feel old.

TIM LEE   December 4th, 2012
Michael, Glad to see you're still around' .I tried to order a new copy of your album several years ago,but got it returned as " undeliverable", I will be re-ordering, I saw you numerous times at Disney, and spoke with you several times. At the time I was in the stereo business, and fascinated by your " contraption". Thanks for the memories. Tim Lee

Timm Lenk   December 10th, 2012
I recently moved to Memphis, TN. from Colorado, where I had lived for over 30 years. I remember meeting you through a mutual friend and hearing you in the early 70's at a small college in Southwest Denver and then again, years later, in Aspen. Best wishes to you!

Gregory Wexler   December 12th, 2012
Hi Michael - I really enjoyed watching and listening to your show at the Disneyland Tomorrowland Terrace back in the late 70's early 80's. You're truly a remarkable performer! Many thanks for sharing such amazing musical machines!

Kris Boomer   December 19th, 2012
Hello dear friend. Hope all is well with you. We are enjoying our granddaughter born this year. Think of you often. Love you dearly..

Laura Lake   December 31st, 2012
Hi Michael, My then boyfriend Dave and I lived in Orlando in the 70s. We would go to Disney World often on dates just to hear you play. Fanfare to Wendy was "our song". After we married and moved to St. Pete, we would still go to Disney to hear you play. Dave and I were married almost 36 years, before he passed in 2011. I still love to listen to your album -- and on youtube. You are truly a unique and special person, thank you so much for the gift you have given to me and the world.

Maxine smith   January 10th, 2013
Hi, Michael. I think of you often when I remember working for you at Musiland in joliet. Hope you and your family are doing well.

Adam AJJAMZ Johnson January 27th, 2013
Well sir i saw you in WDW. Always inspired. Eventualy became a Show Talent for Radio Disney. And in my shows i always Spoke of the Man in tommorowland who inspired me. I dont do shows anymore. But It will always be a fond memory. TY!

David Thanateros   January 31st, 2013
I saw you play at WDW when I was 11yrs. old. As soon as I got home I started saving my paper route money and bought a SCI Pro-one and my love and fascination with synths&electronic music continues to this day. Thank you for opening the door.

Charlie Kersey   February 13th, 2013
Hi Michael! Hi Charley! Just checking in. I'm taking an online course right now from Emory University via Coursera and we're in the middle of Analog Synthesis week. It brings back WONDERFUL memories of WDW Shows and watching Michael "shift gears!" I've shared this website on one of the forum threads in the course so hopefully some new visitors and fans will stop by. Take Care All! Charlie (NOT the admin!)

Ross Wardman   February 23rd, 2013
Dear Mr. Iceberg, I saw your shows as a young boy in Disneyland and they've always stayed with me fondly, especially the William Tell Overture + exploding iceburg machine! We brought your album back to England with us and it still gets played today. Thanks for sharing your talent with the world! Xxx

RossAmelia Wines   March 5th, 2013
Tomorrowland Terrace isn't the same without you. Come back and see us sometime!

Ken Albin said:   March 11th, 2013
I just watched your "Ask Michael #13" and was rolling in the floor with laughter! Your wife reminds me so much like my wife Karen, getting into the shot without realizing it. I loved it. I know what you mean about the Moog going out of tune. My Moog Rogue drifts so much from temperature changes that I have to warm it up an hour just to tune it accurately. It still sounds great after 30 years, though. Take care, my friend.

Gene White March 11th, 2013
Hello Michael and you too Charlie, I just finish watching the March ask Michael segment. Great job. Look foward always to catching up with the goings on with Michael. It keeps me attached to the days as a Disney Cast member and remembering those shows with the Iceberg Machine and the great man behind it all. Thanks for the music times.

Tom L April 6th, 2013
Just playing my original Iceberg Disney album again. What great memories this brings back from my years in the 70s/80s and the time spent in Tomorrowland. Thanks for shaping my love for tech. It's very likely my son became a musician because of you!

Dennis Hempstead   April 8th, 2013
HI HO Michael. My family and i first saw you at WDW in the 1970's and looked every year for you when we went back to WDW on vacation's. When we got a camcorder it was a big one that i carried around at WDW. I had to make a carrier to hold a motor cyc. battery so i could get my tapes to last longer, and that's how i got your show that is on your web sight right now. When i say (we) that is to say there were 8 of us that came to Florida to see you in our station wagon. I have 1 of your 33 1/3 platters. Also a Christmas album. We loved all your music , and I even knew the words to fanfare to Wendy, what a great song.I am going to try to get more of your albums . Thanks for the GREAT music . YOU ARE THE BEST. From my home to yours TAKE CARE.

Mark Ruth   April 8th, 2013
I worked at the Nut Tree Airport while Mike was there! What an impression he was. Great flair to the classy place the Nut Tree was.

Tom Bradford   May 17th, 2012
Hello Michael, I want to thank you for your music. Being an Orlando, Florida native, I had to wait for Walt Disney World to be built in 1971. My parents took my brother and our friends to Walt Disney World pretty much every New Year's Eve since the park opened. When you came to Walt Disney World's Tomorrowland Terrace and I saw your show for the first time. I knew each time that I came to the Magic Kingdom, lunches and dinners had to be at Tomorrowland Terrace so I could be entertained by Michael Iceberg and the Iceberg machine. I bought the 3 cd's so I can enjoy your music from the Iceberg machine forever. Once again, thank you for your music.
Jim Christian   May 3rd, 2012
Michael, You were one of our consistent rituals at every Disney visit. At one point, you were scheduled to open for Kool and the Gang at Eastern Kentucky University. WE WERE STOKED BEYOND BELIEF! When we arrived and settled into our seats, it was announced that you were unable to attend and that there would be a different opening act. WE DEMANDED OUR MONEY BACK! After that, we went back to my apartment and listened to "Does It Live" instead. Thank you for countless cherished memories. (p.s. I have a signed copy of the sheet music of "Fanfare" which I used to sing to my own daughter.)

Phyllis and Harold          March 10th, 2012

Hi Michael, We really enjoyed visiting your website and seeing some of your performances. Great! Be well.
Luke Smithwick   March 11th, 2012
Michael, great to hear from you. I used to go to every show possible when at DW in the late 70s and early 80s - only lived a couple hours away so we went a lot. Really enjoyed the way the opening medley would evolve over time. Learned to play the version on the album, but found some great changes you introduced over time. Thanks for all the memories and musical influence you provided.

Paul Hooper                   March 6th, 2012​

July 1980 was the only time I saw you at WDW Michael. Such sweet memories!

Gary Blumenstein         March 5th, 2012 

My uncle first introduced me to your act at the Tomorrowland Terrace and I became an instant fan. Tomorrowland hasn't been the same since the last Little Piggy Hoedown. I hope all is well with you. Thanks for the great musical memories. 

Mark Cryderman        March 5th, 2012 

Such awesome memories of my childhood! We went to WDW, and came back talking about the incredible musician rather than the wonderful rides! Thanks so much!
Mark Hubert  November 11, 2016 
Wow, I finally found your page....I have been watching your videos on Youtube for awhile now. You blew me away when I first saw you at Disney World in 1978. When I got back home from that vacation I wrote you right away to order your album. I mentioned that I loved the song 'Fanfare' and you included some sheet music for that song in the package that included your album. You truly changed my life with your musical ability and talent. I've since acquired several keyboards and workstations that can sound like an entire orchestra...with sequencers I can turn out some amazing of the first pieces I worked on was Fanfare. I tried to come as close as possible to your brilliant arrangement of that song and I must say I came close. It was fun but not nearly as fun as watching you at the command center of your Iceberg Machine...I hope to hear more about what you're up to though your fanpage here....Hi Ho back to you, rocked then....and you ROCK now... Huzzah.

Keith Dopson  April 29, 2016 
​Hello again, hope you are well. Been about 14 years since I emailed you last. Was listening to your Iceberg in Concert tracks, thought I'd look you up. Glad to see you have a new website, looks great. ..yes, it all happened... WDW, the Prophet 5. Glad to see your health has improved. ;) Make some more new tracks.. surely enjoy your arrangements. Makes me want to get my P5 out.. I rebuilt the power supply so it doesn't lock up. Also have a Korg Triton 77k.. dumped my MemoryMoog.. what a junk piece.. ha ha. Oh, Tommowland Terrace, 1978.. happened to be in Deland, skydiving at/after the collegiate parachute competition, between Christmas and NY. Saw your show there two times, great.... Hope yours are well, too. Moved to Arkansas from Dallas.. much nicer here in mountains of NW Ark... in the WOODS.. yes, we like woods, mountains, don't we.
Grant Miller  February 4, 2016 
Hi Ho, Michael! I saw you play the SUNY Oneonta Student Union Ballroom back in 1983. I was still in high school at the time, but spent a lot of time on the campus working in the Theater Department. I think that's why I stopped in at the ballroom that day as you were setting up for your show later that night. There were just a few of us there. You treated us to an impromptu demonstration, answered questions, and signed the copy of Does It Live which I still have (autograph dated 2/8/83). I returned later that night to see the show, of course, and was blown away. I can still remember you playing the closing figure from CSN's "Suite: Judy Blue Eyes" and being so impressed to hear all the "voices" in there. I've never forgotten about that wondrous show, and moreover our chance meeting earlier in the day. Thank you again and kindest regards! 
Pat Peters  October 21, 2016 
Hi ho, Michael! Just watched your "Miniconcert" video. Can I retitle the song to "Waiting for Michael's next video?" :) Keep 'em coming! I love seeing new (and new old) stuff from you. All the best to you and the wife. Much love!

John Donahue  February 25, 2016 
Good to see you're still around. Found you in a search on the web. Saw you perform at W.D.W. many times and always had to have lunch at the Tomorrow Land terrace and watch your act. All the Best to you and yours ...
Daryl Sublette  December 23, 2016 
Hello Michael! I just wanted to say that you are one of my favorite memories from my teen years. We used to vacation in Florida in the '70's, and when Disney World opened we frequented there. I loved you show at the Tomorrowland Terrace. I was amazed with your Iceberg machine and went to several of your shows. I hope you are well, and thanks for the inspiration!

Vivian Lee  January 5, 2016 
Hi Michael! I want you to know, you have always been a favorite in my family! Unbeknownst to me, my mom frequently played an audio recording of your show while she was pregnant with me and in my early childhood years. Upon rediscovery of the same audio cassette 20 years later, I listened in awe as a FLOOD of happy childhood memories surrounded me! Your humor, ingenuity, and musical craftsmanship still inspires me, and reminds me of wonderful times. Best wishes and thanks for everything! 
Barry Guertin  January 7, 2017 
Dear Mr. Iceberg: Your Does It Live album was one of the first albums I ever bought. I played it until it was worn out. Loved hearing you play in WDW. Thank you for making yourself available to your legions of fans.

Barry R  July 22, 2015 

I recently retired from WDW after 38 years.. I started in March of 1976, until last March. I remember seeing you perform every time I came to the park, or just on a break from working... It's great to see you are still around and making music.. God Bless.

George  July 7, 2015 

My family saw you the first time in 1971 and many times after. My children were fascinated and now both play instruments. I just lost my wife of 47 years and found some old pictures of your show at wdw and brought back many happy memories. Thank you for those. Good health and good luck.

Tim  June 2, 2015 

Hi Michael, Hope you're feeling well with your health issues. I have pretty bad asthma and know it's a bummer to not be able to breathe normally. What helps me is to relax and listen to some music. I still have the LP you autographed for me when you came to my undergrad school. Thanks so much! Be well!

Robert  March 31, 2015 

Michael, One of those old memory cells just popped and I remembered your name and the Moog Synth. I thought Google might find you out there, and sure enough! My parents took me and my sister to WDW in the late 70's early 80's. We ate lunch in Tomorrowland and saw this guy setting up some sort of performance. I was far more interested in Space Mountain but my father insisted we stay. Then, you played this thing called a "synthesizer". I remember that moment so clearly!! You made cows sing and all sorts of things! I was truly amazed by this new thing. I knew what a synthesizer was well before all my friends (year before!!) because of you. For whatever reason, I locked your name in my brain and now 40+ years later, send you a heartfelt thank you! I'm sorry I only saw you once, but the memory of that afternoon lives forever. Thanks and God's Blessings to you. 

Jason Stockwell  December 18, 2014 

The world has been a much better place with you here. Thank you for all that you've given us. 

Gigi Paul  December 8, 2014 

I wanted to say how much Michael Iceberg affected my life and truly inspired me to stay in music. I played violin from 4th to 10th grade, then went on to major in Oboe. I grew up in Sarasota, FL, and began going to Disney World when it first opened. My first few trips were before I could even drive. Once I got my driver's license (1973) we made frequent trips. One time there, we stopped at the Tomorrowland Terrace and heard this amazing guy doing amazing things with a bunch of keyboards. It absolutely blew me away. I stayed for the second show, and I felt the same way. From that point on, for a period of time I can't even remember - EVERY time my friends said, "Let's go to Disney for the day!" I'd say "HECK YEAH!!" and when we'd get there, I'd plant myself at the Tomorrowland Terrace and watch every single show. My friends would be furious with me, but I'd say, "You go have fun, I'm staying right here..."  One of those times, as a nervous 17 year old, I went up to Michael and introduced myself. He shook my hand... I told him that I watched every show every time I was at Disney - he smiled and thanked me. It took me so long to muster the courage to approach him, and he was so polite and silly! After that, I felt like I 'belonged'... Music is my life, and I just finished watching some videos of his old shows, and bawled like a baby with incredible memories!

Dave Carlburg  December 5, 2014 

Michael, Came across your website today. I first saw you at WDW in 79 with all the guys from Wheels - awesome concert. I recorded my Iceberg does it Live album onto CD years ago and still listen to it regularly. Also got to see you play at Taylor University. Thanks for the great music and memories! 

Darrin  December 2, 2014 

I just wanted to say "Hi" and thanks for the great memories of going to Disney World with my parents in the 80's. My father loved you and would make us stop at Tomorrowland Terrace at least twice on every visit. Seeing you play was probably the reason I got into synth bands like Depeche Mode in the middle 80's. I'll never forget the many trips to Disney World in which stopping by to watch your show was a big part of. I'm glad you're well and still making music.

Christine Gaines  July 24, 2014 
Greetings Michael, I hope you are well​.
Norman Pierce  July 18, 2014 
Hello Michael, I just want you to know I like your music and performances a lot! I was 17 (now 54) working at Disneyland in California and during my lunch breaks I would see your performance at Tomorrowland Terrace. I remember it well. I am going to mail an order for all of your CD's. Stay healthy and cheerful Michael !!​
Shirley Wolf  July 14, 2014 
My Husband Joe and I saw you at Disney World; we were so impressed with your talent. We immediately bought your first album. We are so happy to see we can get it on CD. I am so happy I found your website today. Peace.​
Vickie T  July 3, 2014 
I met you at Disney World in the 1980's - you autographed a record album there for me and I have always been a huge fan. I am so glad to hear you are doing well and I am so glad to be able to view past performances and see more current updates with you on You Tube and Facebook and your website. I rarely missed a performance of yours while at Disney World. God bless you & your family - and thank you for memories I will always cherish.
Stefan Savides  April 26, 2014 
Thinking of you.
Ray Haluska April 26, 2014 
Happy Birthday
​Wishing you a Happy Birthday, good health and good music!
Brook Monroe April 26, 2014 
May we see many happy returns of the day, Michael! I'm very glad to be able to send you a greeting--and more glad you're around to receive it!​
Charlie Kersey April 26, 2014 
Happy Birthday, Sir! May you have a wonderful day and a fantastic year! Heigh Ho, Music!​
Nils Warren May 27th, 2012
Hello, Michael, good to see the new website. I finally located my photo archives, and have found a hundred or so photos from "back in the day" 1980-1984 ish. , and better yet, the original negatives, which i will be digitizing shortly.
Ken Albin June 6th, 2012
I love the "Ask Michael" segments. It is great seeing him so happy and healthy. I've also gone through all of the Iceberg CDs I purchased and I can tell you that his later material sounds even better than his Disney era stuff. Very impressive and I hope he considers putting out new CD material in small runs using his computer. There is nothing like hearing new Iceberg! The magic is still there.
Don Goss April 10th, 2012
I grew up in Fort Myers and my parents used to take me to WDW at the spur of the moment many times a year to visit. I alway enjoyed your show and have many fond memories that I will never forget. Thank you for your inspiring performance. I wish you and yours the best.
"Snowball"   March 16th, 2012
Michael Thanks for the many great memories of the multitude of concerts we attended at WDW, the Taylor U concerts (still have a copy of the tape from that first one- Christmas music and all) the visit with you in Colorado and many years of being a friend.

Gene and Pat White     March 10th, 2012

Hi Michael Great to hear you are doing well. My wife and I worked there at Disney World from the 80's and 90's. I remember after one of your proformances I asked you if you had made an album,and of course you invited me down to the dressing room and signed your autograph on it and gave me one. I received a copy of fanfare which I just found in my music library a few days ago that I forgot I had. Thanks for the musical memories and the best of health to you. 
Pat Peters  December 2, 2016 
HI HO again, Michael! This seems to be my yearly habit; 12/21/13, 9/11/14, 10/21/15, and now 12,2,16! I'm still watching your videos, sometimes just closing my eyes and letting the music take me away, and finding new joy each time. Words can not express the gratitude (all your other fans and) I have for not only your music, but your personality and the joy with which you live each day. It SO shines through and makes the world a better place for all of us. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I'll be writing these yearly notes for many years to come, so keep yourself in good shape, Michael! Lots of love to you and your wonderful wife. A big thank you for your "crew," your webmaster and cameraman.

Erich Henson  December 22, 2015 
​My Dad took me to see Michael Iceberg at Tulsa Junior College in the 1980s. It was awesome! I'll never forget it.
Scott Sorenson  December 21, 2015 
​Greetings. Thanks for posting the 'mini' holiday concert on FB. I wish you the best and if you are ever up in the North NJ area I would love to know if you are going to be playing and where. Best wishes for a great New Year, Scott
Bob Skillman   April 9th, 2013
Michael - Thank you, thank YOU for so many years of joy at Tomm Terr. I am now reaching 35 at WDW and still miss your show.

Mike Filey     April 21st, 2013
A few of us were chatting about the past when suddenly the subject turned to watching Michael Iceberg's fascinating performance in the Queen Elizabeth Building during the Canadian National Exhibition here in Toronto. I think the year was 1975 or 1976. Or was it 1977? Great memories though fading. Just wanted to say hello...Mike

Mike Jones    April 21st, 2013
Hello Mike, been looking for you for a while. Just learning how to use FB. You may not recall but some time in 1980 , I saw you in line at the WDW lunchroom in the tunnel. I was the guy that asked if you would add a bit of Star Trek to your show. You said that you tried it at one time and did not like it. Although it was only a breif moment, I wish to thank you for the inspiration you gave me. I always loved your show and saw it many times. I now have a keyboard system of my own with an OASYS 88 flagship. After years of waiting for the Tech. to catch up to you. Thanks again, you have no idea how you changed my love of music.

Janice April    May 2nd, 2013
Going thru mementos and found a postcard you sent to me dated 1980! Always loved your show, a visit to WDW was not complete without seeing and hearing you. Have always, and still enjoy listening to your album. Incredible music, thanks for sharing your talent!

Trent R.    May 9th, 2013
Michael, you, the Iceberg Machine, and your show made a huge impression on this 10 year old when I visited Walt Disney World in 1981. Imagine my surprise to see you entertaining us while eating in the Tomorrowland Terrace. Your shows were the highlight of my vacation. You are an incredible talent and a true original. Thank you for sharing your gift of music and love with the rest of us.

Mike Powers    May 28th, 2013
To the great Michael Iceberg I offer a note of gratitude for his musical and technological contributions. I first saw the Iceberg machine in 1982 at the Tomorrowland Terrace, not expecting anything more than a cheeseburger and a chance to rest after walking around the park. Hearing and seeing Michael was a moment that has influenced my conciousness for many years now. Being a lifelong musician and a huge fan of the golden age of analog synthesis, the whole experience really hit me where I live. Michael, you are a very special soul. Thanks for everything. I wish you health and happiness, sir!

John Behr   June 1st, 2013
I lived in Lakeland, FL from 1976. Upon my very first time seeing how much pure joy & passion you had and what you were able to do with the Iceberg Machine I was hooked! Every time I visited the Magic Kingdom I made it a point to find out if you were appearing and at what times so that I could make every attempt to catch every performance I possibly could. You truly brought your magic to the Magic Kingdom and I many fond memories thanks to you! Thanks for the trip back to happier times tonight! I thank you and Charley & John for this site & the FaceBook page. You are such an amazing talent and a wonderful man!

Snow Dog     June 4th, 2013
I was in 3rd grade in the mid 70's - must have been very early in your WDW gig. My family happened to catch a show while we ate lunch. We spoke with your briefly after the show, and purchased Does It Live. I remember that performance like it was yesterday, and we darn-near played the grooves off the record. All the kind words about you are true - humble, charismatic, genius. Thank you for an incredible childhood memory. It is truly wonderful to see very recent video and hear you play.

Dan Rapp    June 8th, 2013
My first trip to Disney World was in 1980. I went with my girlfriend (now wife) and her parents. We visited the area where Mr. Iceberg played more than once to hear his incredible performance. Later I wrote Disney in an attempt to purchase music he may have recorded. Months later I heard from Mr. Iceberg. Apparently there was a strike during this time and Mr. Iceberg wasn't able to perform - Disney didn't forward any mail either. I remember the day I received two copies of the Does It Live album (pre CD days). I gave one to my girl friend for Christmas. Our children really enjoyed them when we played them a few years ago. Maybe I'll go get one of them out and play it again. I still remember "pigs flying..." Nice job and one of the best shows I ever saw at Disney. Thank you... 

Andy Fralick   June 15th, 2013
Hi Michael, So glad I found this site. I first saw you in 1978 when you played at a small college in Michigan. I was attending Spring Arbor and helped out as a stage hand for that concert. I remember being just blown away! As we were trying to tear down everything and get you packed up, you just kept on you were in your own world and the only thing that mattered was the music. A couple of years later, the Chamber Singers group from the school was on tour and we stopped at WDW and you were there playing. We introduced ourselves and did an impromptu song with you...20 vocalist with the great Iceberg. It was amazing. I have shared your music...from that original album with my kids and grandkids. That record is worn out now...but the memories live on!

Ray Haluska     July 4th, 2013
Catching up on videos today and enjoyed hearing about your friendship with John Denver. Any other interesting tales about your times with famous people? As it is time for the Fourth of July it's time for the LIttle Piggie Hoedown.

Charley Brown (webmaster,    July 16th, 2013
Michael, I speak to you often, but this is something I wanted to say publicly, for everyone else to see. Working with you on this website is a joy and a pleasure. You are one of the nicest people I've ever had the pleasure of knowing. The level of love and respect you have for your fans is rare in this industry. I wish you all the happiness life has to give, for that is what you have given to so many of us. Thank you, friend.

Libba Murray     July 19th, 2013
Hi Michael, just thinking about you and all the fun times we had. Still in Orlando happily with Gene and I am now working at Wyndham Bonnet Creek. Hope you are well and will hear from you soon. Libba

Sam Grabarski     August 23rd, 2013
In the process of transferring all of my vinyl to digital, I came across a personally signed album that amazingly "time-warped" me back to 9-15-1982. That evening you performed at the College of Lake County in Grayslake, Illinois and I had the honor of meeting you. "Hi Ho Sam Henry & Benji!", reads the inscription. You can't see them, but goose bumps abound as I remember better days. Thanks for the great memories!

Jeffery Dehn    August 26th, 2013
Hi Michael, Just so nice to see that you are doing well. It's been a long time. I remember the 1st time I saw you at Disney World Tomorrowland Terrace. That performance ended with a rendition of Stairway to Heaven. A great feeling that I will never forget. I visit Walt Disney World almost every year and when I walk by Tomorrowland Terrace I always think the days when you were there. Thank For The Memories

Nancy Gore     September 17th, 2013
Hi from Upland, Indiana. We are a Wandering Wheels/Taylor University family with great memories of your visits to Upland. We also visited you at Disney World on several occasions. It's good to know you are still putting out the music. What a pioneer you are. We went to a Chicago concert last night and, with all of their equipment and paraphernalia (two buses and a semi full) it was an exciting show. But, you put out the same kind of magic with your little trailer and a lot of innovation. Thanks again for the great memories. N. Gore

Howard Smith     October 18th, 2013
Hi Michael I just want to say a HUGE thank you!! I saw you in March 1981 at the age of 15 and you changed my life forever! - We recorded the show and I listened to it constantly on our trip across the US. Now some years later and a Proud owner of some 22 Vintage Synths I find this site. And it all clicked back into place, it all started That day in March 1981. My Love of the Prophet 5, Oberhiems etc. So again - THANK YOU! All the best Howard

Jim Lorentsen     October 20th, 2013
Ma shlomcha Michael, I am very happy that you are back in our lives once again. Like many, my life was forever changed when I first saw you at Disney World in the mid to late 70’s & early 80’s and I still remember shaking your hand next to the “Iceberg Machine” and getting your autograph. I still have both the signed album and your autograph on a scrap of paper my Mom had in her purse. I am now 50 and to this day there is not a week that’s gone by without me thinking about the magic I discovered at Disney World during those years meeting you and enjoying your music and personality. It is a great day for all your fans when after all these years we can buy your music collection on CD and I could finally retire and frame my “Live at DW” album. I play that CD on a very regular basis in my home, always great to keep the memories alive! I wish you all the health and happiness you have provided to so many over the years. Toda! Hi Ho, Jim Lorentsen

Matt Hadley     October 26th, 2013
I was one of the ones who saw you back in 1978 in Florida. Your concert is one of the main things I remember from the entire vacation. Thank you so much for sharing your gifts with us!

Bear Toor   November 18th, 2013
Michael, I have always been one of your biggest fans, and in 1979, 1980 worked at the Contemporary Hotel and used to come into work early, walk from the parking lot and watch and listen to your show! The overload of pixie dust magic kept me going the rest of the day! I still listen to your music, and your song Tribute to Wendy (your daughter), is a song I always hoped to play at my wedding which has never happened!! I have always wondered why you left Disney as many of their light shows and parades had your music; (still question why I left even though I loved it, living in poverty was too much for me!) I was aware you have dealt with some health issues, but very happy that you are still playing. Take care! Barry "Bear" Toor (you signed a note for my album when I saw you and your wife in the tunnel under tomorrow land!)

Glenn A. Stirling    November 23rd, 2013
Hi Michael, I spent 30 years in the Boys & Girls Club field. Back in 1978 & 1979 I took a group of our members to DisneyWorld. You were one of the highlights of our trip. I am ordering 3 of your cds especially "Iceberg Does It Live". I bought the album back in '78 and I'm very pleased it is available in cd form. My best to you and your family.

David Foulke   December 9th, 2013
I was listening to Mannheim Steamroller Christmas CD when for some reason the thought occurred to me "This sounds so much Like Michael Iceberg from Disneyworld" A quick web search and here I am. Great memories of the show and the pure fun Michael was obviously having with his music, pigs and all... Thank you!

​Mark Caplinger    December 18th, 2013
Mike, I seen you perform at Epcot in WDW back around 1977 or so. I was simply amazed at the sounds you played. The music was mesmerizing and I could have spent the entire day listening to your show. Your humor was great with it also. Everytime I hear the Main Street Electrical parade song, I think back to that time. Thank you for sharing your music with the World. I also remembered you on JOHNNY CARSON show and johnny was running over and he told the engineers to stay on the air for you. It was worth it.

Bobbie Garnet Bees   December 19th, 2013
It's nice to see Micheal Iceberg is still performing. I saw Micheal and his Iceberg Machine in Edmonton, Alberta back in 1984 when I was 12. My life really sucked at the time (dysfunctional family and what not), but I was able to sneak into the exhibition grounds to see Micheal and he was able to make me happy. And I guess that's why he's always stuck in the back of my mind all these years later.

Johjn Nolan    December 27th, 2013
Hello Michael, I was a big fan of yours in the mid 70's and arranged for you to perform at the college I worked at in I believe 1981 or so . It was at Central Florida Community College in Ocala . When you got there you were in a bus and it was the first show with your new Pyramid. You did a great show and when it was all over we were reloading the bus and you, Tom, and Dwayne couldn't remember how to get it repacked so we spent quite a while getting it loaded. I went on to get a tech job at Disney in 82 and now 31years later I'm still there. love all the new You Tube stuff and it's great to hear you again.

Johjn Nolan     December 27th, 2013
​Michael, I was a big fan of yours in the late 70's and in 1981 as the tech for the theater at the Junior College in Ocala, I made arrangements to have you perform at the college. I believe it was your first trip out with the new pyramid because it took Dwayne, Tom and you several attempts of packing back on before the right combination was arrived at. Well in 1982 I was hired on at Disney as part of the crew for the First Version of the Lagoon show. I am now 31 years with the company as a stage tech and still love every day of it. In part thanks to you and your inspiration. John

Patrick (Pat) Peters    December 31st, 2013
Thanks for the trip down memory lane! I remember seeing one of the first shows at WDW (Florida), when it was still on the bill as "Michael Iseberg" and "The Iseberg Machine." I remember coming back some time later and seeing the spelling had been changed. I got a chuckle out of it, knowing it had to have been changed for the commercial/publicity value. To this day, when anyone mentions a synthesizer, my first thought is "PIGS IN THE WIND!" If they can't do that, I'm not interested. :)

Robert A. Wolf   January 8th, 2014
I remember your show in WDW in the late 70's. I was a young lad that loved synthesizers and was into the works of Larry Fast and ELP. Your show blew my mind, I've never seen anyone do what you did with those synths live before. Thanks to your influence I still work with synths and my music has been heard on The Weather Channel Local on the 8's. Many thanks to a man way ahead of his time.

Bernie Durgin     January 10th, 2014
Great to see you are alive and doing well. It has been a long time since the days of building the touring machine with Tom, Greg and Co. Be well 

Carolyn Bain     January 21st, 2014
The first time that my 7 year old heard you play he was so entranced that he wouldn't leave until we sat through 3 shows. And we went back for 2 more the next day. Thank you for all the pleasure you have given us over the years.

Lee Raymer     January 23rd, 2014
Hi Michael. My Father and I were huge fans of your music and enjoyed your performances at Tomorrowland Terrace. Finding this site and seeing all of your YouTube videos really brought back a lot of special memories for me. My Father was a music teacher and part time organist in his spare time. He passed away this past year from Alzheimer's, but I know he would have been thrilled to see that you are doing well and still playing albeit on a smaller stage now. Thank you for all that you do. Your music and larger than life personality always make me smile and remember the great times that my dad and I had listening to your performances. God Bless You Michael!

Randy Brenneis     January 23rd, 2014
I worked at Disneyland when you worked at Wurlitzer on main st late 50,s early 60's. I was just a teen and really looked up to you . You used to play duets with Dee had a silver Alpha Romeo roadster. I have such fond memories of you would enjoy an email from you .Randy

Mark Anderson     January 27th, 2014
Hi I used to work as a cook at the Holiday Inn in Aspen 1975+. I have so many fond memories of you playing and even riding around Aspen in your van. I just ran across you name in a post on the Facebook page of "Friends of Aspen 60s-70s" and the memories came flooding back, I do not think I have ever seen as great a performer with as big a repertoire and such a great rapport with the audience. Thanks for the the memories and I am glad I can hear you again! Love Mark

Jeff Swan     February 1st, 2014
Hello! I first saw you perform in WDW in the late 70s and you inspired me to become a keyboard player. I worked at a music store in Michigan and always told the owner how much I enjoyed your music. A few years later (around 1983) at the NAMM show in Chicago I finally met you for the first time. I would not be where I am today if not for seeing you perform. Jeff

Dennis Van Winkle     February 5th, 2014
I never got to see you perform live, one of the huge regrets in my life. My first girlfriend introduced me to your music in the mid 80's and I have been a fan from then on. I have introduced my wife to your youtube vids and she too is a fan. I am so glad to see that you are doing well, and still playing and giving interviews. 

Brook Monroe     February 21st, 2014
I saw you at TomorrowLand back in the '70s and close-up at a concert at Stetson University in the early '80s. Experiencing your performance ("watching" isn't enough, "listening" isn't enough--it was a whole-body thing) was an immersion in total joy. We visit Disney World several times a year (annual pass holders!) and every once in awhile I stop into the building where you performed to remember what it was like when you were there. I understand why you stopped performing, and I absolutely honor your decision--but the Magic Kingdom is a poorer place in your absence. Thank you for those years, Michael.

Ron    February 25th, 2014
Saw your performance at Taylor University in Upland IN, think it would have been 1984? I still have the vinyl LP of that performance! I was a student at Ball State University at the time, so on a spring day when I was in the mood, I'd put my big fuzzy stereo speakers in my dorm window and BLAST THE QUAD OUT with the Iceberg Machine! (okay, I'm a little odd...)

Gene Duncan    February 27th, 2014
Michael- Great to see you after so many years! I photographed you for WDW on your first day at Tomorrowland, and several of us from Photo would make a point to spend the last half of lunch hour watching you perform. Fabulous memories, for sure. I recently retired from The Company after nearly 40 years, and am rediscovering many old friends on FB. Cheers!

Fred & Sue Lagno     March 1st, 2014
We were big fans back in the '70s and bought your album at Disneyworld. We thoroughly enjoyed your performances, and went back to see you numerous times. My wife is a performer and plays in a 5-star restaurant. She still plays some of your music on her synthesizer. We were disappointed one year when we were at the Oshkosh airshow and didn't know that you were performing there.

Lisa DelCasale   May 18th, 2012
Hi, Michael. I can't tell you how honored I feel to be able to communicate with you. After having seen you in Walt Disney World in the 70's, I was lucky enough to catch your show six times overall. I was just a young girl then. When my son was born in 1996, I sang "Fanfare" to him as a lullaby. I sing this and have sung this to myself, to him ever since. Could I please email you confidentially regarding something? I assure you it is all on the up and up, nothing to do with me specifically. Thanks for reading. Sincerely, Lisa DelCasale
Bob Smith  December 10, 2016 
I discovered Michael on a visit to Disney world with my family. I sat and listened in awe at his great talent. What a gifted man.

Lane  August 13, 2016 
Hi Michael,
I'm a 53 year professional, sitting at work and I start to sing a song out loud (quietly, people already think I’m off kilter). It’s a song that I've sung to myself many times over the years and one that has very fond memories for me. You may know the words. Goes something like this, "Don’t look now but love is at my door step, thru my window there’s a rainbow. Now there’s someone sleepin on my pillow and she tells me she’s never gunna go. And I know that there’s a prayer for me. Someone who really cares for me."
In 1982 I was a much younger lad attending Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, Ok. One night I discovered that the student center was going to have a performer who did a cool show on synthesizers. I knew what these were since I had been a fan of Isao Tomita since the early 1970’s. I was in a magical world for those few hours while I watched you perform. Your delivery, humor, the “contraptions” were all amazing and very entertaining. I got to go in the Iceberg machine and talked with you before and after the show. Amazing memories. So while sitting there humming Fanfare in my corp office, I decided to use another great technological creation called the internet to look you up to see what had become of you. YOU HAVE A WEB SITE! Always with the technology. Michael, thank you sir for the fond memories over the years. 
Linda Casey  September 14, 2015 
OMG, I found Michael Iceberg and his Iceberg Machine. I made your acquaintance at El Torritos in Redondo Beach in 1972. I was quite a fan. I came to see you perform every weekend for quite awhile until you got a gig in Aspen, Colorado. I was going to go to Europe so worked my way across country and stopped off to see you. Michael, I doubt you remember me or that incident, but I have never forgotten you and am so glad to see that you're still active and that you did so well in your career. You were quite a one man show and as a musician myself, I just want to thank you for having done such a great job, no, OUTSTANDING job in creating a fabulous sound with that machine of yours. God bless and greetings from The Netherlands (long story) :)
Jim Robinson  August 22, 2015 

In the late 70's i was a cast member at WDW and when I was off would come to your show.. I must have seen it 50 or more times. While I also had piano lessons (like you) for many years, you gave me the interest of analog and digital keyboards, which later led to a career as one of the first people doing digital audio. Although we never met, your music and shows gave me a profound influence. Thank you!

Michael Lella  June 23, 2014 
I started to visit Disney world in 1977. I paid about 9 dollars to get in and one of the most amazing experiences I had was seeing your show. Every year after that I looked forward to seeing your show, of course until you left Disneyworld. I was amazed that you were not seen on TV but then when I saw your appearance on the tonight show I was so happy for you. Thank you so much for the lasting amazing memories it truly was the top of my list of the most extraordinary Disney memories. Thank you..Michael Lella..​
Anthony W.Turberville  June 19, 2014 
Michael I saw you at Disney when I was a child. I have since been inspired and a fan of many Electric groups thank you for your contribution to my childhood into the wonderful Journey of the Imagination. 
David Dees  June 12, 2014 
Michael, just wanted to say thanks for some great memories. I worked at Tomorrowland Terrace at Disney World while you were there. I spent 3 years as a lead there and would sneak out on a tray run just so I could see the show!​
Mark Ruth  May 31, 2014 
Your new web looks great! I love listening to your music in my truck! Love you Michael!​
John Bernard April 26, 2014 
Happy Birthday Michael!
​Thank you for all the wonderful memories we have of you playing in the Tomorrowland Pavillion in Disney World!
Charley Brown (webmaster) April 26, 2014 
Happy Birthday Michael!! It has been, and continues to be, an Amazing Ride. I wish you a wonderful birthday.​
Connie Kwiecienhe​ April 23, 2014 
I am still working for Disney and my husband Sam wanted to say hello. When Michael was working at the Tomorrowland Terrace Sam was the one that would raise the stage for him . Sam retired last year with 36 plus years. I will be retiring next year.

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Glenn Stirling April 21st, 2014
I recently purchased your CDs and they brought back a lot of great memories !!! I last saw you back in the late '70s in DisneyWorld. Thanks for all the great music !!
Fred & Sue Lagno                March 1st, 2014
One more thing to add to our previous entry: we're also located in Maryland, on the eastern shore. My wife plays piano at Annie's Paramount Steak House in Grasonville. I'm retired from USAirways, and we have an airplane if you would like a bird's eye view of the area.

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Brent Williams   May 19th, 2012
I first saw you perform in the late 70's -- 1977 in think -- at the Magic Kingdom in Orlando. I was also at the 1983 Stetson University concert. My best friend's brother-in-law was David Hannah, whom you may or may not remember. Today, my family and I visit WDW frequently and each time we pass by Cosmic Ray's, I think wistfully of the few times I was able to see you perform. I think I still have a post card you sent in response to a letter I mailed to you. Thanks for some very fond memories!!
Ed Schroeder Haas  October 11, 2015 
Michael, growing up in Florida, I went to see you as many times as possible at Disney, and was awestruck when you came to Stetson Univ in 1983, my freshman year at School of Music. I am now 52 and you still inspire me, I hear your music and patches in my head and want to create my own. Thank you!!!
Justin Harris  August 26, 2016 
​Hey Michael. i remember watching an old documentary about computers called computers are people too? it was made by Disney ad it had a section about computer music with video of you playing. i watched this back in 1982 and have been inspired by it. also the video was recently on you tube allowing me to search you up and find all the amazing recordings. i am now in the progress of creating my own iceberg machine. so i may one day be able to recreate the same amazing sounds. Kind regards: Justin Harris
David Sotnik  December 9, 2015 
​So good to see you alive, well, and happily playing music! I loved your show as a young child at Walt Disney World and thanks in no small part to your influence, I have thoroughly enjoyed owning many synthesizers and other electronic musical instruments over the years! I have always loved hooking things together and was in absolute awe of your ability to not only play, but devise and construct such a wonderful Machine! Thank you, Michael Iceberg!
Francis Manzella  October 9, 2016 
​A long time fan.. First saw and met Michael back in 1978/79... Just trying to stay in touch. Thank you Michael for all the great entertainment..

Scott Stiritz  March 1, 2015 

Hi Michael! Just wanted to say that I've enjoyed your music since the 80's. I first saw your show at the South Florida Fair in the 80's (don't remember the actual year). My Dad bought me a couple of your tapes, and I still have them today! I just wanted to say that your music and show have been great! Thank you for being an inspiration to me for playing the keyboard and synthesizers. God Bless! Scott 

Chip Brandstetter  February 22, 2015 

Hi- I had a chance to be a stagehand back in 82 or 83 at a college show for Michael and the machine. I was already a synthesizer geek so I had to wipe the drool as I helped load everything in and set up. You guys were kind enough to even give me a cassette after loadout. I wore that thing out. It's cool to see how the rig has evolved and I think it's interesting that at least from the Youtube vids Michael uses a Boss BR instead of a computer to record. I bet the immediacy plays a factor. Anyway...big fan and love your music. Chip Brandstetter Paducah KY 

Dane Ison  February 18, 2015 

Aloha Michael! I just came across a video on YouTube of your show at DisneyWorld in the late 70's. Such amazing memories! As a child, I was amazed by the sounds the Iceberg Machine created. I wondered "How did he do that?" You were definitely ahead of your time! I'm 52 now and a choir director. To this day, I share with my students how that one trip to Disneyland as a child inspired me so greatly. Thank you Michael for the difference you made in so many lives…especially mine. Much love and gratitude to you my hero! Dane Ison "VIOLINS!!!!" 

Carl Bornes  February 9, 2015 

Hello Michael, for whatever reason this weekend I thought about "Michael Iceberg Live" at Disneyworld many many years ago and once at Valparaiso University so I thought I would look you up. Enjoyed the web page and videos. Many thanks for the memories. I hope you are doing well. Best wishes. Carl 

John  January 9, 2015 

I spent part of the weekend sorting my Vinyl LP collection. Came across "DOES IT LIVE", checked Facebook, linked to YOUTube and spent the weekend enjoying the music and stories. Thank You.

Elaine  December 23, 2014 

I will never forget how your music made my first visit magical. I even ordered your record. Wish I still had it. 

Hal Hibbert  November 6, 2014 

Saw you in north Idaho many years ago-mid-70's. Actually sponsored you in Kellogg one crazy night. Glad you're doing OK. Are all three studio albums still available? You sent me "Does it Live" on vinyl along with the sheet music to "fanfare". I would like to get the CD's if available. Thanks, very much. Hi-Ho

Dr. Jerome M. Barnes  October 31, 2014 

Glad you are still playing and creating music.

Gary Munson  August 31, 2014 

Just wanted to be sure you knew how much I appreciated your performances back in the 70's at Disney World. Living in FL at the time, I had an annual pass and going to see you was always a highlight of my visits to DW! Thank you again!

Nancy Henderson  August 8, 2014 

I visited WDW all the time during the late 70s to early 80s and never missed seeing you when you were there. My fondest memories are of WDW and being able to enjoy your shows. This was over 35 years ago and you still have a special place in my heart.

Kevin Cain  May 17, 2014 
A while ago, 1976? You were appearing during the summer at the Mark hotel in Vail. I was appearing with "New Born Child" at the Enzian hotel, next door to the Mark, and had the priveldge of hearing you perform. You had 4 high frequency horns in a single cabinet (I think they were 30 watts) that you gave me in exchange for a red MXR Dynacomp footswitch effect pedal I had.. I will always cherrish the memory I have of hearing your "Nights in White Satin" and many of the other pieces you had, using the Wurlitzer spinet, Chamberlin's and Lynn drum. Sorry to say, I only got to here you perform once more at the Tommorrowland Terrace. Thanks for putting up your YouTube videos so I could relive those moments! You look like you are feeling pretty good, and still have all your faculties! Congrats!​
David  April 26, 2014 
Thanks for the memories
Happy Birthday and thanks for helping make our numerous trips to Walt Disney World in the early 80s so memorable.
Loran Grant June 8th, 2012
Gary Farrall, from McFarland, CA said two words to me the other day when seeing him....."Michael Iceberg". You are one of a kind.