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In this area you will find permanent links to download live recordings of Michael's music. Most are "bootlegs" from cassette tapes made in the late 70s and early 80s at Walt Disney World and college tour shows. More will be added as time allows.

Also, there are rare recordings of out-of-print albums by other artists with whom Michael played.

​If you have any audio you'd like to contribute, please contact the webmaster.

Michael Iceberg At Disney Parks

Many of Michael's fans first saw him in Tomorrowland Terrace at Walt Disney World, Florida.

He would also do shows at Disneyland in California. A typical show was around 40 minutes, starting with a medley, followed by an explanation of how the machine came to be, then several more songs, including his signature song "Fanfare" and usually winding up with the "Grand Finale" of the William Tell Overture.

These are all live recordings from shows in Disney parks, made by fans who were there.

The Leather Jug Sessions

Some of Michael's first regular gigs with The Iceberg Machine were at The Leather Jug in Snowmass, Colorado in the early 1970s. It was there that he honed his craft at blending organ, synthesizer, electric piano, and Chamberlin sounds into the one-man show that would later be seen by so many at Walt Disney World.

Around that time, a gentleman named Bob Peters started recording Michael's shows on a reel-to-reel tape deck. Bob can accurately be named one of the original Michael Iceberg Superfans.

These are rare live recordings from shows at that venue, originally reel-to-reel tapes that were later transferred to cassette, and now to mp3. We are very grateful to Tom Young for providing these recordings, from the collection of his dad, Bob Peters.

They are, to date, the earliest known live recordings of Michael playing.

Leather Jug Shows, 1970, Snowmass, CO (ZIP File, 7 parts)

Additional Leather Jug Music, (about 38 minutes) , Snowmass, CO, 1970 

Leather Jug Shows, 1975, Snowmass, CO (1 File)

​Courtesy Of Tom Young, From The Collection Of Bob Peters

Mason City Iowa Clinic
(click to download)

Mason City, Iowa
From The Collection Of Bob Peters

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  • Goin' Back To Boston3:42
Harding University-February 2, 1982
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Searcy, Arkansas
Courtesy of Mark Finn
Day Show-Live-1979
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​A "typical" show, recorded in the summer of 1979 while I was working at WDW.
​ This was during the time Michael was employed by WDW as a performer.
Michael Iceberg Music

​​The Official Site Of Michael Iceberg And His Amazing Iceberg Machine

Galt Ocean Mile Hotel
(click to download)

Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
Courtesy of Jon Grushka II

"William Tell Finale/MMC Goodbye" (1981 WDW)

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This is the finale of a WDW show, recorded in 1981.

Courtesy of Carl Verchuk

The first is with Long John Baldry, on the album "Baldry's Out" You can hear Michael's "chick singers"  padding the vocals on "A Thrill's a Thrill".

Rare Recordings

Below are 2 recordings Michael made in studios, collaborating with other musicians.
​(Click the play button to hear the songs)
Harding University-1984
(click to download)

Searcy, Arkansas
Courtesy of Mark Finn
Columbia, MO
September 1982

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Columbia, Missouri
From The Collection Of Bob Peters

​(More Disney recordings soon!)

Mason City, Iowa
October 1983

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Mason City, Iowa
From The Collection Of Bob Peters

  • A Thrill's A Thrill5:44

Thanks to Mike Novak for providing these out-of-print  recordings from his private collection.

Stetson Concert-1983
(click to download)

Spring of 1983, Stetson University (DeLand, Florida).
Night Show-Live-1980
(click to download)
​One of the "FM" shows. All music.
Live at Tomorrowland Terrace.

See below for recordings from non-Disney venues, including rare early recordings from Michael's

pre-WDW career!​

"Waitin' For A Friend Of Mine" (1981 WDW)

(click to download)

Michael's song, "Waitin' For A Friend Of Mine", recorded in 1981.

Courtesy of Carl Verchuk

The second is with Jimmy Griffin, from his song "Goin' Back to Boston". Listen for flutes, strings, guitar, and more in the middle of the song.

Stetson Clinic-1983
(click to download)
​Afternoon clinic, Stetson.
(Deland, Florida)

Day Show-Live-1977
(click to download)
​One of the earliest live recordings I made. Live at Tomorrowland Terrace.

Michael Iceberg On Tour

In the early 80s Michael was able to realize his dream of taking the Iceberg Machine on the road.
These are recordings of Michael's visits to colleges and other venues all over the country. Most shows would be preceded by a free clinic in the afternoon, where Michael invited anyone who was interested to see the machine up-close and ask questions.

No longer required to follow the format required by his Disney employers, Michael opened up his playlist to more songs, while still playing familiar pieces from his sets at the Disney parks.

These are all live recordings from shows, made by fans who were there.

Christmas Show-Live-1980
(click to download)

​Around Christmas, Michael's last set of the day (he usually played 4-5 shows daily) was a "special" Christmas show. It starts out like a regular day show, but then he works in a lot of familiar seasonal tunes.