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These 3 disks are made by Michael himself from his computer, so no fancy labeling or packaging.

​Copelach (EP single)

Michael has also recorded a beautiful original song called "Copelach" that is about 5 minutes long. Since it's a single, it's not practical to put on a single disk, but if you ask, he will include it at no additional charge on any of these "home-burned" disks.

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Thank you in advance!
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Prices for the "factory-made" CDs are $18. Prices for the "home-burned" CDs are $12.
​Prices include shipping anywhere in the continental US.
​Orders outside the continental US will be priced appropriately.
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Tip Of The Iceberg -1994-all original music that Michael wrote and recorded for the PBS series, "Wild America". 40 tracks in all, about 50 minutes of music.

Price for one single CD is $18, and includes shipping.

Original Factory-Made Recording. QUANTITIES LIMITED

Michael has three additional recordings of various types:

1981 Night Show at Tomorrowland Terrace
The Night Show
is a very good quality recording of a 9:30 PM Tomorrowland Terrace show from Aug 21,1981. If there had been a second "Iceberg Does It Live" album, this would have been a good candidate. The last show of each day was usually one like this, with emphasis on music, and little or no talking about the machine. Also sometimes referred to as "FM Shows".
Michael's set list from this show includes "Jerusalem", the medley from the day show (with "Waiting For A Friend Of Mine"), "Here, There, And Everywhere", and "Floating".

$12 (includes shipping)

Worship Music
Worship Music
is a collection of music Michael has recorded for worship services at his synagogue. Some are solemn, some lift the spirit, and some are light-hearted fun! Approximately 45 minutes long.
$12 (includes shipping)

Homemade Christmas Carols
Homemade Christmas Carols is a remastered copy of the long-lost 1984 "Homemade" Christmas Carols tape, courtesy of fellow friend and fan, Mike Novak. Approximately one hour long.
$12 (includes shipping)

Iceberg Does It Live -1978-The original live recording of a show at Walt Disney World in Tomorrowland Terrace-probably the place where 95% of us first heard Michael.

Price for one single CD is $18, and includes shipping.

Original Factory-Made Recording.


Iceberg In Concert -1994-Studio-quality recordings of favorite songs played by Michael, including Phantom of the Opera, Mariah, The Main Street Electrical Parade, Here Comes the Sun, Carousel, Fanfare, Stars and Stripes Forever...a total of 14 cuts with almost an hour of music!

Price for one single CD is $18, and includes shipping.

Original Factory-Made Recording. QUANTITIES LIMITED

There are currently six CDs available.

Three are original factory-made recordings and quantities are limited.

The other three are "home burned" disks.

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